Rewarding You and Your Community

For Safe Driving

Earn No-Claim Cashback (NCC) with Malaysia’s First Peer Selection Platform

4 Simple Steps to Earn No-Claim Cashback

Join a group of like-minded people within your social network. Be it your family member, closest friend, co-worker, or anyone. None of them are part of Insurback community yet? Easy! Just create a group and send them invitations!

Wonder how you can earn No-Claim Cashback? Keep your vehicle shielded with ready coverage offered by our insurance partners. Don’t forget to tag your Insurback policy to group as it impacts your group earning!

Complete your policy tagging! You and your group may start to earn No-Claim Cashback (NCC) as soon as your policy is effective and tagged accordingly.

Earn cashback when you make no claims throughout the insured term. Cashback rate may be affected by claims made by group members. Wait no more and start the good habit now – Drive safe!

What is Insurback?

Insurback is the first community-based insurance platform for closely-knitted groups of family and friends. All members of the group work together by driving safe and…

No-Claim Cashback

No-Claim Cashback (NCC) is a reward for safe driving and lower claims; a reward you receive annually if you do not make a claim for an entire year from the day your insurance….

Insurback Groups

Groups on Insurback consists of your trusted family & friends where each of you have a closely-knitted relationship and mutual influence on one another. It is a community for…

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