Frequently asked questions


Insurback is the first community-based insurance platform in Malaysia which adopts peer selection model and rewards the communities for safe driving behaviour. 

In peer selection model, you are empowered to select your peer within your social network to be part of your group to share risk and earn rewards through safe driving. Be it your family members, friends, colleagues or anyone that you trust.

Yes, for your convenience, the purchase function will be made available for members who wish to obtain motor insurance.

No, we are not the insurer nor intermediary of any partnering insurers on our platform.  

Insurback is a platform which facilitates peer selection community. Our partnering insurers provide the coverage, pay claims and reward the safe drivers with No-Claim Cashback (NCC).


Group is formed by close-knitted and like-minded individuals who aim to earn cashback through driving safe, and are willing to pool their premium and share risk together.

Group conveys the concept of pooling resources and protecting group members. With the combination of groups and peer selection, this model relies on social responsibility on risk taking and financial.

You can join any group created by any of your family members or close friends through invitation. Alternatively, you can opt to create your own group.   

You need at least one member, including you to start off a group. Your group can grow as huge as you and your group members wish.

There will be ONE administrator for each group. Individual who created a group will be the administrator. A group administrator has the sole authority in member management such as invitation, approval and eliminating member from the group.

No worries, you can always join or create group and be an inactive member before purchasing any policy with Insurback feature. Your status will be activated once you have completed your policy purchase and start contributing to NCC pool.

Active member has a group and owns a valid motor policy offered by any partnering insurers on Insurback. Whilst an inactive member has a group but does not own any valid motor policy offered by any of our partnering insurers.

No-Claim Cashback (NCC)

No-Claim Cashback, NCC, is a form of reward earned as you make no claims throughout your motor policy coverage period. In other words, earn cashback while you drive safe and make no claims.

No. No-Claim Discount (NCD) is a rebate given at the point of purchase by all insurers in accordance to a scale set by the industry. Whilst No-Claim Cashback (NCC) is a unique feature offered by our esteemed partnering insurers specially for Insurback Communities where it will be rewarded on top of NCD after expiry of your policy.

The maximum NCC an individual can earn is subjected to the number of claims made by him/her and his/her group during the coverage period of the policy.

Your policy will start earning NCC as soon as your policy coverage take effect.

NCC will be calculated on daily basis based individual and group activities such as claims and premium contribution to the pool.

To learn more, please refer to Groups.

Your insurer will make the NCC payment in the form of direct transfer within 7 working days after your policy expired.


You may switch your policy mid-way to any of our partnering insurers. However, you may not get a full refund from your existing policy if you terminate your policy mid-way.